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Association for the Welfare of mentally Retarded (AWMR)  is a voluntary national social organization established to provide comprehensive services directed towards the welfare of people with mental retardations and their families

AWMR was founded in 1981 during the observances of the international years of Disabled Persons and was registered in 1985 under the Nepal Social Services National Coordination Council (SSNCC), now Social Welfare Council (SWC) and was registered in 1984 in District Administration Office as the government-recognized national umbrella agency in Nepal. Read more...

Programmes and facilities

To achieve our aims and objectives, AWMR is doing the following:

  • To establish resource and family counseling centers, home visits units, special day care centers, and pocket programs, pre-vocational and vocational programs.
  • To establish sheltered workshop for vocational training and income generation activities such as making paper bags, envelopes, chalks, candles, incense sticks and peanut butter. Read More..
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