Programmes and facilities

To achieve our aims and objectives, AWMR is doing the following:

  • To establish resource and family counseling centers, home visits units, special day care centers, and pocket programs, pre-vocational and vocational programs.
  • To establish sheltered workshop for vocational training and income generation activities such as making paper bags, envelopes, chalks, candles, incense sticks and peanut butter.
  • To support home based rehabilitation activities such as chicken raising, goat keeping, sheep keeping, caning and other agro-based income generating vocational activities.
  • To enhance community based rehabilitation activities to get employment for these individuals into open employment programs in factories, auto mobile repairing workshop in office and volunteers.
  • To organize a regular scheduled, competency based training and seminars for teachers, parents, social workers and volunteers.
  • Conduct sample survey to determine the needs of such population in Nepal and published a comprehensive report on this/
  • To support Special Olympics activities for people with mental retardation.
  • To prepare brochures, articles, training manual, TV programs, documentary films, advertisements, slide and video shows etc to create public awareness and foster positive attitudes and actions.
  • To provide communication/ speech and physiotherapy services.
  • To lunch an infant-at-risk detection and stimulation program.
  • To establish an organization of mentally – retarded individuals.
  • To organize parent groups throughout Nepal.
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