The Challenge

AWMR is committed to comprehensive care of people with mental retardation in Nepal who need special attention and training. Meeting the needs of these individuals is seen as a great challenge which will require the following.

  • A solid financial base through sustained fund raising activities.
  • Trained and experienced manpower is trained either locally or abroad.
  • Help in cash, kind and technical support for regular schools where integration is possible.
  • Donations from local as well as international agencies for the purchase of classrooms teaching materials, furniture, sports materials, musical and specialized equipments etc.
  • Assistance to launch income generation schemes that also provide vocational training and employment. Parent’s involvement is being ensured through a concept of opening up of a factory with their share and management which will employ people with mental retardation.
  • Trained international or national volunteer to work as teachers in schools, prepare and implement curriculum for homes and teach vocations. A training institute for the Trainers is being conceptualized.
  • To develop human resources such as special educators and different therapists.
  • Fund and financial assistance for the construction of physical facilities, office building, classrooms, workshops and resource center.
  • Donation or other assistance for the purchase of vehicle to be used for national outreach program and the transportation of day care students.
  • Sponsorships or scholarships assistance for study, observation, training and tours for the staff and teachers.
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